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Deacons and the Local Church

The local church is not an invention of man but rather, the local church is a creation of Jesus Christ. The local church was designed by God to be a blessing to His people and the community in which they live, gather, and worship. While the church has leaders, Christ remains the head (Col 1:18; Eph 5:23). Therefore, leaders of the local church lead and govern according to what scripture says, in submission to Christ as the head. Therefore, when we consider church government and leadership, scripture becomes the guide and authority for how that should look because scripture is God-breathed revelation and instruction concerning Him and His will. While men may invent ways of governing or ideas about how the church leadership structure should look, the ultimate authority is the word of God. God’s design for His church is meant to bring maximum glory to Him and joy to His people and so, we joyfully submit to what scripture says in faith, trusting that as we more closely follow scripture, God is more glorified and His people receive more joy. What follows is the position of the pastors of Arbor Drive Community Church concerning the topic of deacons in the local church.

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