Blessing Families

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At Arbor Drive Community Church we value authentic, gospel-driven community. With this in mind, we are committed now, more than ever, to reaching people from every walk of life. As part of our commitment to encourage, equip, and meet others with the gospel of Jesus Christ, our beloved Wednesday night ministries are only getting better this fall, with fresh options for everyone including singles, married couples, and families with school aged children.

Our aim as pastors here at Arbor Drive is to provide an enriching environment in order for you to grow in your faith, as well as to build meaningful relationships within the context of the local church. Here is what you can expect:


For Parents of Young Children

You can expect to find a well staffed nursery available, for ages 0 through 3 years, as well as Children’s programing starting at age 4. In the Blast, your kiddos will experience biblical instruction that will introduce them to God, as well as work towards awakening strong affections towards the Lord Jesus Christ. We are asking parents to volunteer twice per semester to help out with the programming, which makes this service to your family possible.

One of the major benefits of this approach is that it exposes children to other Christian families who similarly treasure Christ. Kids who participate in our Wednesday night community will experience the the Spirit of God at work in the lives of their peers and in older saints. They will understand what it looks like to have the love of Christ as a norm for a whole community of people.

Additionally, you will be exposed the new and exciting discipleship tools to use in your own home, as well as home discipleship ideas while you serve on the parent rotation. Not only will you be enriching the discipleship experience of our kiddos, you will be growing in your own practical application of biblical principles, to the glory of God.


For Parents of Teens

Our youth workers are dedicated to investing in your students and showing them the riches that are found in Christ Jesus. Your students will spend time in middle and high school small group settings discussing how God’s word relates to their everyday lives. Youth group is a safe place to be a Christian, as well as a resource for parents in the home discipleship process.

However, in this model traditional youth group has gotten even better! You’ll have the opportunity plan and organize the types of events and discipleship opportunities that your students experience, all while knowing that they are exposed to a variety of godly adults serving as sponsors who will positively impact their walk with Christ. You will find the community you need as you walk your kids through the difficult teenage years.


For Those Without Kids

Regardless of whether you have kids in your home or not, Wednesday nights have been expanded for you too! The primary purpose of this time is for followers of Christ of all ages, not just children, to come together and share in a common time of worship, prayer, learning, and fellowship. You will benefit immensely from the mutually edifying, intergenerational worship atmosphere. You will learn about the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ within the context of real relationships, and as you interact with believers from all walks of life your appreciation for God’s work in the midst of His people will only grow!

For those of you who have yet to start your family, you will get to meet experienced parents who take raising their kiddos to love and know God seriously. Older saints can invest in you, encourage you in your marriage, and share with you their own experiences of grace as they have walked with Christ.

For those of you more seasoned individuals, this is an opportunity for you to love and encourage the generations. As the Psalmist said of God, “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”(Ps. 145:4) Your presence, participation, and love all play an important role in God’s plan of glorifying Christ in the midst of His people.


I would encourage you to make Wednesday nights a priority and experience the benefits of living in vibrant Christian community, where the old and young alike can come together to celebrate their common bond in Jesus Christ, relationships can form, wisdom can be gleaned, and the work of Christ can be celebrated. Make the most of your time by immersing yourself and those who you love in the powerful truths of God’s word, doing your part to know, believe, and love the Lord Jesus Christ!

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